6 Signs That Your Business Might Need A New Website

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Is your website burning through your advertising budget?

No one likes losing money.

And having an outdated website could be making you lose more money than you realize.

If someone has a poor experience on your website, chances are pretty good that they aren’t going to stick around long enough to make a purchase. So not only did you lose out on the profit from the sale, but any advertising dollars spent to bring that visitor to your site are also wasted. 

(You can see how this could add up over the course of a year.)

To help you avoid losing sales and burning through your ad budget, here are the 6 signs that your business might need a new website!

Your Website Is Old.

vintage car
Old doesn’t mean classic

I know, this one isn’t really “groundbreaking”, but it’s true nonetheless


We aren’t saying that you need to go out and get a new website every quarter for your business to maximize the effectiveness of your website. That would be a bit excessive. 

But if your website is more than 2-3 years old, it might be a good idea for you to look into having a new one made.

This is because, like most industries, web design is constantly changing. Most visitors expect a modern and seamless online experience, and if your website falls behind, it could result in less traffic and fewer sales for your business.

Your Website Has A Poor Design.

Poorly designed website
A prime example of a poorly designed website.

Now, the above website *might* be an extreme example, but the fact is that 75% of people will make an immediate decision on the credibility of your company based on your website design. (Source)

If your website has a hard to navigate layout, an uninspired design, uses poor quality images, or even lacks an organised colour scheme, you’re risking your credibility.

And what happens when you lose credibility? You lose the sale.

Your Site Has Broken Elements

Website Error 404

Broken items on your site, regardless of how minor, can take away from your visitors’ experience with your brand, making them less likely to do business with you.

Granted, something minor like a broken link might not have a huge impact, things like images, forms, or even entire pages could be devastating for your visitors experience, and ultimately, their opinion of your business. 

The good news is; most of the time broken items on your website can be fixed, without requiring a new website. 

Be careful though. Depending on how bad the issues on your website are, you could end up paying more in repairs than the website is worth. You don’t want to end up paying $3000 in labour to fix a 3-year-old website when you’re just going to need a new website in a year anyway.

Your Website Has A Slow Loading Time

Everyone is at least a little bit impatient (some way more than others), but when it comes to doing things online, that impatience is amplified ten-fold. 

Your visitors want the information on your website, and they want it 15 minutes ago. 

To put that into context, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of people will just abandon you and move on to your competitors. This 40% reduction in visitors could be costing you thousands (or even millions) of dollars per year, so it is definitely worth looking into. (Source)

Just like having broken elements on your website, the severity of your speed issue and the reasons behind it will determine whether or not your company should invest in a new website. 

If you’re not sure how fast your website is, there are easy (and free) tools available to help you figure it out. Head over to GTmetrix and plug in your website address to see what your loading time is.

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, this tool will show you the exact reasons why. If you want help fixing your page speed, let us know and we will help you out.

Your Website Isn’t Optimized For Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Having a website that looks great on mobile devices is no longer optional. 

Since 52.2% of all traffic comes from mobile devices (as of 2018), if you’re site doesn’t look great and perform well on these devices, you’re going to be losing out on a lot of customers. (Source)

Not being optimised for mobile devices also has a huge impact on how high your business ranks in search engines. So not only will more than half of your visitors not be able to use your website, but you’re also cutting the number of visitors that can actually FIND your webpage as well.

You’re Not Getting Enough (Or Any) Traffic

Website Traffic

Aside from the issues we mentioned above, there are a lot of other problems that can affect the amount of traffic your website is getting, such as not having an SEO strategy in place.

If your site isn’t optimised for search engines, you won’t be able to rank as high on search engines like Google, which will severely limit the number of people that can find your business when searching online.

Keep in mind, most of the time you won’t need an entirely new website to execute an SEO strategy, but there are definitely some instances where it makes the most sense. Reach out to us if you’re not sure!

Which brings us on to our last point:

Your Site Isn’t Converting

Website conversions

If you’re getting a healthy amount of traffic (and you don’t have any of the problems listed above) but you’re still not getting any sales from your website, that’s a sign of a much deeper problem.

The most likely reason that your website isn’t converting is that, basically, it’s just not designed to convert. 

Websites should be built from the ground up with the end goal of conversions in mind, and you should treat your website just like a salesperson. From start to finish, your website should guide your visitors down a path that ultimately leads to them becoming customers. 

Determining whether to invest more in the site you currently have or just get a new one altogether will entirely depend on what you’re comfortable with. Either way, I’d recommend consulting with someone who is knowledgable in conversion optimization to make sure that you don’t have the same problem again.

Let us know and we will take a look at your website and give you some tips on how to increase your conversion rates!


If you have a great, modern website, congratulations! You’re already doing much better than most. But just because your website is new and flashy, doesn’t mean that people are going to be flocking from all over to see it. 

You need a strategy.

At Alt Shift Digital, we specialize in creating and managing custom digital marketing plans that drive more traffic, increase engagements and conversions, and ultimately grow your business. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you get your business more customers.

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